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5 Common Agricultural OSHA Violations and How to Prevent Them

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Written by Bobby Shearer

I sat down with George Walker, former OSHA inspector, and lead auditor at Safety by George, to discuss safety in the agricultural workplace, specifically as it relates to cannabis operations in California. 

The full-length (46 min) CropTalk podcast is out now on my new series, #CropCareConvos

George has visited nearly 200 cannabis farms in Northern California and has a breadth of experience from decades as an OSHA inspector before that.

"What are the most common OSHA violations that you observe?" I asked. 
"And how can they be prevented?"

Keep generators stored away from buildings, never inside or downwind of any entrances or air intake.  Doing so can be deadly. 

OSHA has a 90-day moving target for a maximum length of temporary use. No piggie-backing cords. And always make sure they're rated for their use. 

LPG tanks stored under steps or under buildings.  Be sure to follow all safety guidelines.

PPE = Personal Protective Equipment.

Respirator use requires a medical evaluation and fit test, both of which must be documented.  Use the right equipment for the job every time. 

Moving parts, such as trim machines, or sparks must be blocked from potential employee contact at all times.  Never tape down or disengage any safety button or switch. 

On the #CropCareConvos podcast (Episode 82), you'll learn much more about what to expect from an OSHA inspection.  In fact, you'll learn how to set your business apart as a superior place for workplace safety and how to be publicly recognized and awarded for doing so.   

George predicts increased involvement from CalOSHA in the California cannabis industry. They will be actively insisting this year and seeking violations. 

… It's high time for a safety meeting!

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