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Thrips Management Resource Guide

Updated: Dec 12, 2020

This guide is brought to you by CropTalk Media, CropWalk, and our Canadian Contingency,

the Thripsters, Dr. Rose Buitenhuis, Dr. Sarah Jandricic, and Ashley Summerfield.

Here, you’ll find lots of hyperlinked resources pointing you towards our suggested material for the best management practices for everything you can think of regarding the control thrips in greenhouse crops. Note: the links will open new tabs. You can also hover over the hyperlinked text and look in the lower lefthand corner of your screen to see the URL where the link will take you.


Detailed General Information:

The Thripsters collaborated with Bobby Shearer, CropTalk’s #CropCareConvos host and CropWalk’s director of operations, to produce a series of 2 videos (totaling over 3 hours) and 1 podcast (about 90 minutes) that we feel covers basically everything you need to know to get started to #StartCleanStayClean in terms of thrips management.

The first CropTalk video, which primarily highlights western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis), features Dr. Rose Buitenhuis (Vineland Research Innovation Centre) and Dr. Sarah Jandricic (Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food, & Rural Affairs), two global authorities on thrips, present slides and answer questions about the following topics: systems-based IPM approaches, what being prepared really means, the link between fertilizer and biocontrol, dipping cuttings using mums as a case study, biocontrol options, microbial and fungal products, nematodes, how beneficial mites work, best practices with mite sachets, rescue strategies, pesticide options, and more!

The second CropTalk video, which primarily highlights onion thrips (Thrips tabaci), features Ashley Summerfield and more from Dr. Jandricic. Summerfield is a rockstar in her own right, and a University of Guelph graduate student of Rose Buitenhuis, Sarah Jandricic, and one of CropWalk’s scientific advisors, Dr. Cynthia Scott-Dupree. Topics addressed in this video include the history of thrips control, what's causing failures in thrips control?, thrips survey results, how beneficial mites harass thrips (ie, non-consumptive effects), thrips identification tips, what to do after ID?, onion thrips in greenhouse floriculture crops, damage patterns on foliage, flowers, and buds, an IPM strategy for thrips, and a Q&A session.

The thrips management CropTalk podcast in this series features Dr. Buitnehuis again and Charlie McKenzie of CropWalk chatting with Bobby Shearer about the best management practices for using biological control in your IPM program. They get into the quality assurance of biocontrol products, the best practices for biocontrol application, scouting tips, how to bolster biocontrol populations, and more.

Outside of content produced by CropTalk Media, The Thripsters have published some great stuff! Dr. Jandricic runs a blog called ONfloriculture, where she’s written on lots of specific topics in thrips management.

While we’re on the topic of detailed general information about thrips management, here are a few publications from reliable sources that we suggest:

  1. “Designing your greenhouse IPM program,”

  2. “Prevention and early intervention,”

  3. “The rise of microbes,”

  4. “1001 ways to use beneficial mites,”

  5. “How to use non-crop plants,” and

  6. “Pesticide compatibility with biocontrol.”

  7. Written by biocontrol specialists Rose Buitenhuis, Michael Brownbridge, and Graeme Murphy, these six articles (a-f) offer application tips and tricks, information on new technologies and are supplemented by short videos demonstrating techniques or principles.